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    You Know How Much Bathroom Cabinets To The Height Of The Land About

    Time: 2017-02-23

    In select continental bathroom Cabinet Qian, to determine good installation of location and measurement good related of height size to conducive to behind of installation, in bathroom of space inside determine good location, including taps water of location and Taiwan basin water of location, these prior prefabricated good of location must to measurement carefully, bathroom cabinet once installation Hou, compared difficult shift, because taps, and drain, and lights, are is fixed of, prior each a distance are to measurement good and records down.

    Floor to ceiling height of the bathroom Cabinet-80-85cm on the market, the width in 45-50cm. Installing ground-mounted bathroom Cabinet of the time kneeling on the ground 8-10cm the height of, as this will avoid water wet locker had been on the ground. Details of the installation height is sometimes considered family members, tall and used to determine, but is highly appropriate.

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