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    We Do Reasonable Preventive And Protective Buying Wood Furniture Does Not Crack It Yourself

    Time: 2017-02-23

    1. first, the mind is to stay away from the heat source. Especially families in the North, in winter the best wooden furniture away from heat source about 1 m of the place, so that we can better avoid furniture baking at a high temperature for a long time, so local cracking, warping and other parts.

    2. suitable humidity is very important. Humidification of the measures at the indoor best. Put a pan of water, and green plants or increase indoor humidity, more volatile water such as green plants, if the climate table, then 40%-60% is best for wood, it is said that people adapt to the humidity. However, be careful not to overly Direct humidification. This would lead to expansion of moldy wood.

    3. avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Sun direct sunlight will dry if the Sun directly on wooden furniture as a whole or in part to the long time exposure, likely to cause discoloration of furniture, structurally weak or even unusable. It is recommended that the arrangement of the furniture where the location out of direct sunlight. Like Chair or coffee table to move to the balcony outside the family, remember the best indoor Oh moved back in 3 days.

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