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    Do The Mothers No Longer Have To Worry About Wet Bathroom Furniture

    Time: 2017-02-23

    1. as said above, cracks due to mirror when, create corrosion inside water vapor. Therefore, we might as well buy back behind the mirror, first with a layer of paint on the side mirrors, preferably in the back of a layer, to prevent water vapor entered the black spot, mildew, extended mirrors are made life.

    2. regularly with a dry, soft cloth to wipe the mirror's surface, keep the mirror often dry and clean. Try not to wipe clean with a damp cloth while avoiding exposure to acidic substances such as salt, oil, or mirror blurry glass is prone to corrosion.

    3. dip with a dry cloth apply some cleaning spirit applied to mirrors, spread evenly. Contains the active ingredient in cleaning spirit, can effectively prevent the water vapour in the mirror setting, played a good anti-fog effect; you can also use the convergence of the make-up water or detergent and wipe with oil facial blotting paper, the effect is not bad.

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